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5 functional, beautiful and amazing websites

5 functional, beautiful and amazing websites

We are going to talk you about the websites design as a web agency. You have to know that making a website is not something hard. However, you must be aware that develop an attractive website with a unique design is a task pretty hard.
If we show you these differents website, it’s because their design, their authenticity and their unicity are special. Besides, it’s more likely you will stay longer than expected on their website because of their attractiveness.


The first is :  Feed.

There is no only the website’s content and design that matter, there is a word these websites show you instead a simple webshop or display website. An user might have probably never seen a such website. The user is taken into the entire feed’s universe.

The system of this website is the “scroll” that makes all the originality and the simplicity of this website’s utilization.



Secondly : ETQ

ETQ is a webshop that use a minimalist approach, sober, fluid and beautifull.

When you are on their website you directly fall on a marvellous shoes’s picture. When you scroll down with your mouse, you can see shoes and purse’s pictures. Then you can directly and easily go to the goods you want to buy.


Thirdly : Mikiya Kobayashi

Mikiya Kobayashi est designer de produit avec un portfolio minimaliste qui vous montre son travail à travers de belles photographies et des animations subtiles.

D’ailleurs, ce site web a été créé au Japon et ensuite traduit en Anglais afin de démontrer l’évolution du design au niveau international.



Fourthly : The History of Climate Change

Mikiya Kobayashi is a product designer with a minimalist portfolio that show you his labour through amazing photographies and subtil animations.

Besides, this website was created in Japan and then translate in english in order to demonstrate the design in the international evolution of design.



The last one : Virgin America

Virgin america is a airline company website and you might know, these website are used to be riddled with many major usability issues. And yet, Virgin America was the first website “web responsive”. Further, this website pushes the user experience, responsive

design and accessibility forward.