Google optimize is out

Google Optimize 360 beta is out !

Google Optimize beta is out, Sweet ! Featuring a Machine learning powered Session Quality Score and more.

The free version of Data Studio 360 was released shortly after the Analytics 360 Suite in the US. Yesterday, Google made the free Data Studio available globally.

What’s in store ? The Session Quality Score : A new session quality score that uses machine learning to “predict the likelihood of a visitor making a transaction on your site or app”. This metric makes it possible to remarket the visitors that have been profiled as high-value !

More details in the article. (Hi mom!)

Session Quality Score

As of today, we all have created goals in Google Analytics with the objective of capturing sessions that show signs of consideration of purchase intent. To do this, we used a mix of metrics such as average page duration, number of page visited, whether some specific pages were visited or not, etc..

The new Session Quality Score metric uses machine learning (a kind of artificial intelligence) to predict how likely a given visitor is to make a transaction on our site. Sweet !

This new metric comes after the introduction of Smart Goals. Smart Goals are designed for site owners that don’t have a conversion tracking set up on their website or that don’t have enough conversion data to be used for ad optimization.

session quality score

20 more data sources in Google Tag Manager

Google added 20 more data sources in Google Tag Manager and Tag Manager 360. These new data sources are Twitter, Bing, Quantcast, etc..

Why is this important ? Because this means that we don’t have to insert the custom HTML tag type for these services to the source code of our websites manually ! The tracking pixels for these services are now added through GTM. Oh my, what are we going to do with all these minutes we just saved.

new integrations in google tag manager


Where does this information come from ?

We received the notification in our mailbox. This grand announcement email from Google was filtered as spam out by inbox. Then our friend Volodia from keep 1t simple dropped us a comment : “did you see your mail this morning” ?

We have now added a new filtering rule to our mailbox.

Is this useful for me ?

We don’t know, yet. We will have to play with these new features for a little while on some of our client’s websites and see for ourselves if this brings new value to the digital marketing game. When we have tangible data on this, we’ll share it here.