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Virtual Walk through Lab

Virtual Lab - Pall Biotech

OneBonsai created a 3D visualisation of a new lab (to be constructed) so it could showcase the lab equipment our client could provide. These specialised equipment are typically used in so-called clean rooms.


The challenge

The challenge in this project was to port the existing, extremely high-poly 3D models of the client into an environment that was highly polished and optimised for rendering. Using Unreal Engine we managed to export a 60fps video at 1080p and within the strict timeline provided by the client. Unreal Engine enabled us to on-the-fly make changes to the environment and quickly re-render if needed.

The use of Virtual Reality in this training has multiple effects:

Cost reduction

Avoid costly mistakes when constructing new buildings. See the different rooms working together with your own eyes before it is even build.

Increase speed

Increase the speed of construction by planning everything in virtual reality.


Test out different rooms of the building and the workflow between employees.


Building first in 3D will give you the possibility to adapt your decisions more easily to the situation you are facing.

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