E. Schoofs

OneBonsai, I am happy I had this journey with you.

I started PublicPharma, the first online pharmacy in Belgium. At first, I did the webshop myself. But as soon as I reached 500 products, it became a nightmare to handle. This is when I got in touch with OneBonsai.

They rebuilt the entire webshop and scaled it up to more than 40.000 products ! They created a system that allow me and my coworkers to manage orders, inventory and shipments very easily. This is a feat looking at the complexity of the products we have to manage: different brands have different sourcing methods and schedules ; the same products exist in different volumes (ie. 5cl or 10cl) ; some products have strict expiry dates ; we often have promotions on some of these products. And they managed all this flawlessly.

They took a few month to clarify precisely what the webshop should be able to handle. They even spent a few days in the pharmacy in order to understand in depth the details of these products and how we handle and help clients.  They applied this knowledge to the webshop, in order to transpose the real life experience of a pharmacy to the virtual web.

OneBonsai, I am happy I had this journey with you and want to continue improving my online pharmacy with you. Within the year I will order your services again to refresh the visual aspect of the webshop.

E. SchoofsFounder PublicPharmaPublicPharma.com

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