This month in mobile

This month in mobile – January 2016

Each month, we gather the best news and new innovative ideas in the mobile technologies world. We will let you know the latest trends in the market and mobile technologies, and will highlight companies and individuals who make use of innovative or intelligent mobile strategies.

There’s a lot to say about the speed that mobile technologies and the mobile industrie are evolving. We will keep these articles as short as possible, so you can easily digest the info.

We create this blog to inspire you and hope that you and your company will extract the best info to improve from it to help improve your business.

Apple AppStore got another record this winter holiday

According to Apple, the Apple AppStore has surpassed a record in applications sold during the winter holidays. More that 1.1 billion dollar in apps along with intra-app were purchased between December 20th and the end of January. 144 million dollar has been purchased on new years day alone! This was the most lucrative day of the AppStore and for the developers since its inception.

Automobile industry becomes more and more connected

Long awaited but the automobile industry finally is going full bonsai into connected cars. These are the main innovations:

Apple launches iOS 9.3 for iPhone and iPad

This version includes many improvements of the operating system but especially includes many new elements directed to education. With the new application Apple School and the possibility to share your screen, Apple wants to further cement the iPad as an essential tool in all classes.

Google goes full bonsai into Virtual Reality

Google has announced the creation of a division for Virtual Reality which will be headed by Clay Bavor, currently Product President at Google. Also, the SDK of Google Cardboard will now allow developers to send sound in specific directions to improve the Virtual Reality experiences. This will give users of the Google Cardboard a much more realistic experience as the sound will come from the “source”.

Google Cardboard: the Virtual Reality application of Google now has more than 5 million users!

Super Bowl 50 will be a great mobile experience in 2016

Super Bowl, the famous American Football event and the biggest sporting event in the USA will be a great mobile experience in 2016! The stadium where the competition will be held has been equipped with internet connections that will allow up the 72.000 fans to use their mobile phones to run their favorite applications during the matches. There will be an official app which will allow the visitors to view the map of the stadium, find their parking log and other stuff. The 110 million viewer will also be able to use multiple apps which will be able to do everything from getting notified of specific events or activities to directly communicate between fans.

Facebook will launch Sports Stadium for this event. This will be a new part of their application which will be a part totally dedicated to sports: you will be able to chat between fans, put up teams, gather statistics in real time and more.