UX design go beyond screens

3 trends in UX design in 2016


Providing an excellent user experience has always been the objective of UX design. Nowadays, many companies realise the critical role played by UX to provide products, services and to grow up the company and boost their innovation.

So, what’s up in UX? There are three trends in design to follow in 2016.

1. UX Designer beyond apps and screens

Mobile apps, websites and other way to procure interactions through a screen is a big trend since several years. But today designers are already going beyond apps and screens.

Technologies such as smartwatches like the Apple Watch, vocal assistants like Siri of Apple or Cortana of Microsoft, virtual reality devices such as the Oculus Rift become technologies that are widely adopted by customers. It makes us closer of the technologies we see in science-fiction movies : the screen in Minority Report, the vocal operating system in Her or even the intelligent watch in James Bond. The gap we have with those conceptual technologies become smaller everyday.


UX design go beyond screens

2.UX design tells stories

In the past, new ideas went on the market by passing through many obstacles. An R&D team would develop a new concept, this concept would be tested internally then sold to developers.

Since the 90′, the innovation comes from persons who present their ideas to investors or executives of companies in order to collect the money required to develop the idea and make it a reality. That trend keep going today, but with a very important emphasis on telling a story to investors in order to grab their attention.

In fact, presenting an innovating idea under the form of a story allows you to present this idea as if it were already a reality. Short stories are easy to process, focused on the user is going to be more and more considered as the best way to communicate an idea.

story telling UX design

3. Design becomes an essential and recognised skill

Everybody is born designer. Since the age of the cavemen, Men had to design complex systems to survive in their environment.

In the world of today, companies are going to acknowledge the importance of design and consider it as a essential skill more and more. Being qualified in design makes you a better thinker, better communicator  and better facilitator. In the future, companies will put a high point on design skills and will offer to their employees design training and UX design, whatever the department you are in.


UX design skills

In 2016 and after, users are going to do more and more interactions without any screens at all, the communication of innovating ideas will be more and more made by telling stories and more people are going to consider the design as a primary skill, whatever your role in the company.

When we look at the recent progress made in smart-watches, vocal interactions and virtual reality, we can say that the future is already at our doorstep. There has never been a better time to be UX designer.