An unforgettable
training experience

OneBonsai’s Virtual Reality fire training is the lastest and greatest virtual learning tool we made. Running on the portable Oculus Quest 2, you can teach and most importantly make them exeperience the dangers of fire, anywhere and anytime. 

With the immersive power of VR, trainees and employees learn by doing. All this without risk of getting hurt or damaging equipement. Additionally, all the progress can be tracked and stored so that no one is left behind in the training course. Increasing your overal company’s safety at reduced cost. VRFT from OneBonsai is there to make your life easier and safer.

Product Information

  • User friendly – VR onboarding
  • Learn the correct fire procedures
  • Learn how to approach a door in case of fire
  • Experience the difference between various fire extinguishers
  • Train in familiar environments relevant to you
  • Complete reporting and trainee feedback
  • LMS intergration possible

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Life made simple

Avoid risks

Increase efficiency

Save costs

No clean-up after training

Low entry level

The future is now

See what makes VR Fire Training the smartest and safest solution today

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What you learn with VRFT

1. Onboarding in VR

Learn what you need to know to live through the educational experience

2. Door Procedure

What to do when looking for the fire hazard

3. Risk assesment

Learn how to approach dangerous situations. 

4. Correctly approach a fire

Execute the right procedures without getting hurt.
Feel if the door and doorknob are hot to the touch.

Virtual Extinguishers

The training contains 3 VR Fire Extinguishers:
CO2, Foam and Dry Powder. Each exhibit their
own special behaviour towards the fire, each
require different handling (eg distance to fire)

Reporting Features

Amazing stuff to track people

Fight the Fire Without the Heat

Book a free pilot with our virtual reality fire training
program and experience for yourself.


Product Details

  • Correct fire procedures
  • Learn how to react in case of an emergency
  • Experience the difference between various fire extinguishers
  • Train in diffierent environments
  • Reporting and trainee feedback


  • 200 employees: €40
  • 500 employees: €30
  • 1000 employees: €20


Virtual Learning is using immersive technology such as VR headsets to create educational experiences. Often seen as a complementary to eLearning, Virtual learning combines theory and practice in a unforgettable educational experience.

VR training is using immersive technology such as VR headsets to practice certain skills or procedures. The difference with Virtual Learning is that with VR training the emphasis is on the practical experience that the users experiences. They can redo dangerous or difficult procedures as much as they like withouth any risk.

The base requirements are pretty low. For mobile VR you need an indoor area withouth obstructions of at least 2m by 2m, wifi (optional) and you are good to go!

We consider every VR headset that does not require a PC as Mobile VR. Best examples of Mobile VR are; oculus quest, Pico Neo, etc…
PC VR requires an external pc to run the VR software in the VR headset. With this extra computing power it allows to have more realistic graphics or physics simulations (such as smoke development)

Mixed reality is the use of real-life objects such as a fire extinguisher that is also visible and recognized in the digital world. Giving you real-life attributes mixed within the virtual world.

Training virtually allows you to train more people at a lower cost. At OneBonsai we try to aim f at a 30-40€ cost per trained employee. This is considerably lower than a traditional training. Additionally with VR training there is no transport costs.

Studies have shown the benefits of using VR for cognitive stimulation. Increasing retention of the educational content. Safer training: eliminating the risk of employees getting hurt or damaging equipment. It is also more cost-effective, allowing you to train multiple people for the same training at once.

Some people experience nausea or might feel disorientated when using VR, which can sometimes lead to a negative experience.

-We recommend short sessions varying 10 to 20 minutes tops.