About us​

At OneBonsai we believe in innovation to help companies solve today's challenges. We already implemented successful projects in many different industries such as healthcare, defence, real estate and many more. We worked for small and large companies, including Securitas, Crédit Agricole, Delhaize, Ixina, Belfius, the Belgian Army, and many others.


Our vision

The future is now!

Efficiency of training is a paramount part of your competitive advantage, while lifelong learning has become the norm in the industry. Furthermore, knowledge transfer becomes evermore challenging with our aging population… Using technologies like Virtual Reality we can help reduce complexity and increase efficiency!

What we do

We design immersive solutions to help innovate your business​

We create business solutions to improve health & safety, lower cost and increase revenue for companies. We believe that if a challenge is complex, expensive or dangerous, VR & AR can offer a feasible and cost-effective solution.


Training in VR

Off-the-shelf VR Trainings allowing you to train your personnel efficiently, effectively and safely.


Our insights in various industries are coupled with innovative and creative ideas to achieve your goals.


We are Hiring

We are always on the lookout for talent! Artists, generalists, techies, designers and more… Let us know your story!



Luchthavenlaan 4 1800 Vilvoorde Belgium

+32 478 26 23 57
[email protected]

Registered Office

Rue des Coteaux 256/8 1030 Schaerbeek Belgium

VAT n° BE05 0246 5839
RPR: Brussel

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