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First Aid Training in VR

The First Aid Wound Care in VR training, teaches the procedure on what to do in specific situations. Learn crucial life-saving gestures, without risk, in a controlled environment. Resulting in better care when accidents do happen. 

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Why Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has revolutionized the way companies and organizations approach training. VR training immerses employees in realistic simulations allowing them to practice and perfect their skills in a safe and controlled environment.

1. Save time and money

Traditional training can be time-consuming and logistically challenging. Using Virtual Reality, training can be completed in a fraction of the time, with minimal disruption to your employees’ work schedule.

2. Better retention

Not only is VR training more effective for retention, but it also makes training feel less of a chore and more enjoyable, which can help boost employee engagement and motivation. VR training provides a unique and enjoyable learning experience that can help employees remember information for longer periods of time.

3. Easy to use

Our application is designed to be easy to use, with minimal set-up required. All you need is our “VR in a box” and you will have everything you need!

4. Engaging

Overall, virtual reality is engaging because it provides a level of immersion, interactivity, sense of presence, and novelty that traditional forms of media cannot.

Who is it for

1. Medical Schools and Universities

Designed to train on applying the procedure correctly. The First Aid Training in VR has been developed to fulfill the needs of these schools that have nursing students, and first aid responders.

2. Training schools

First Aid Training in VR can be a great addition for Training Schools to complement their current courses. Allowing them to train more students in less time, and with fewer resources. It’s also a great tool to use for safety days, providing an immersive learning experience that will stick with your students long after the training is over.

3. Medium and large enterprises

Every small or bigger company will benefit from the First Aid Wound Care training in VR. Knowing that your personnel knows what to do when something goes wrong. Additionally, if needed you can track the training progress of all your employees with the Virtual Instructor Platform.

What to expect

The First Aid Training focuses on practicing the procedure. Learn how to deal with, burns, severed fingers, headwounds, skin wounds, member dislocation, amputation, etc… 

Additionally, we have a C.P.R. procedure and an A.E.D. procedure that is in the making. The goal with is to educate the masses to eventually save human lives.

1. Flesh wounds

  • Open bone fracture upper limbs
  • Skin wound without water
  • Skin wound with foreign body
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Bruising

2. Burns

  • Burn 1st degree
  • Burn 2nd degree
  • Burn 3rd degree

3. Head wounds

  • Concussion
  • Minor head wound
  • Severe head wound

4. Amputations

  • Partial amputation
  • Complete amputation


First Aid Training in VR will have multiple benefits for your students, employees, and your organization in general.

1. Improved safety

Be guaranteed that your employees know how to act correctly in any given situation and apply adequate care when accidents happen.

2. Improved efficiency

First Aid Training in VR allows you to have a more efficient training program, where theory can be put into practice right away, just by putting on the headset. 

3. Better decision-making

First Aid Training in VR can help employees make better decisions by giving them the tools and knowledge they need to handle it adequately.

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XR Platform

Our Virtual Instructor Platform (VIP) contains multiple XR modules to effectively train your personnel at scale.

1. Progression Tracking

Overview of training progress and milestones. Ensuring that everyone is up-to-date and well trained.

2. Customize Content

Customize the training content per course to make it relevant for  employees in different departments. 

3. Module Management

Easily categorize, organize, and schedule training sessions within your organization.

Mobile VR Box

Easy To Use, Scalable

To make your life easier we included everything you need for a training session in an easy to carry & rugged box. 

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