Virtual Reality training

Off-the-shelf VR solutions to help train your personnel effectively and safely within your budget.

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Why VR Training?

Virtual Reality is an efficient medium for learning and development. It allows learners to visualize and interact with a virtual environment in real-time.

High Retention

VR is an efficient medium for learning, up to 30% higher retention.

Think Safety

You can simulate dangerous situations without any risks.

Improve Efficiency

Learn faster and more efficiently than with legacy training.

Cost Effective

No large investment will be needed to train your personnel.

VR Training Library

Enhance the learning experience and reduce risks on the workfloor

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" With Virtual Reality we no longer have to make real fires, the possibilities are much more extensive and we can train many more people with fewer resources."
C. Van Eesbeek
Manager Securitas Academy

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You can schedule a demo at our demo center or we can send a VR set which contains a demo setup.

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Virtual Instructor Platform

All your VR training modules in one place, easy to manage


Administration and user management

Manage trainees and devices from anywhere using our platform and gain access to your dashboards containing all the training data. 

In-depth data analytics

Track each trainee’s progress individually. 

Gain insights through all the historical training data.

Reporting and follow-up

See where more practice is needed and follow up on specific procedures that are important. 

Train anywhere,
at any time

The only requirement is a surface of 2×2 metres to set up the training. Any indoor area with sufficient space can be used as a training room. This way you can increase your training session capacities.

Oculus Quest 2

Easy to use
Quick to scale
One mobile headset

Our training runs on the latest VR hardware. Using the Oculus Quest 2, the training is completely wireless and can be set up in minutes. Any meeting room can suddenly become a training room.

If more employees need to be trained, another headset or license can be purchased and set up.

  • Join Remotely

    Instructors can join any training session to assist the trainee from anywhere. This can be from a remote pc or in VR.

  • Multi-user compatible

    Multiple trainees can train together during the same training session. This allows instructors to easily communicate with all trainees.

  • Multiple languages

    We support over 35+ languages. With our automated text to speech AI software, you are ready to train employees across the world.

  • Mixed Reality tools

    Real life objects working in virtual reality. We make our own mixed reality extinguishers for an immersive experience.

  • Realistic Scenarios

    To improve immersion we recreate realistic scenarios that match with your industry.

  • Precise handgestures

    Our system correctly places your virtual hands on the objects. This improves the learning aspect as well as the ease-of-use.

  • Multi-trainee overview

    Instructors can in real time follow the training progress of multiple trainees at once.

  • Personalized avatars

    Create your own avatar from a picture and start training as yourself in VR. Not a must have, but a ‘very nice and fun’ to have.

Environments that fit
with your industry



Our library of environments offers locations across different industries. Making it possible for your team to train in their day-to-day work environments.







We are also an Agency!

Looking for a custom development?

Discuss your idea with our experts and let us help bring your VR project to life. Through agile development we can deliver quickly and within all budgets.

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