The worlds first tracheotomy training in Virtual Reality

Teach healthcare personnel how to treat a tracheotomy in an immersive environment. Tracheotomy VR training increases training efficiency while reducing costs.

VR Tracheotomy Training Illustration

Why VR Training?

Training healthcare staff can be challenging due to the high cost and limited infrastructure. Our VR solution overcomes those hurdles and allows you to train multiple people at once.

Healthcare workers can train hands-on without  harming patients. 

High Retention

VR is an efficient medium for learning, with up to 30% higher retention and higher trainee confidence versus classroom training.

Think Safety

Patients well-being is the main priority for healthcare workers. VR training allows you to train without the potential harm.

Improve Efficiency

Train more people and learn faster with VR training than with legacy training.

Cost Effective

No large investment will be needed to train your personnel. Significant gains can be met with large scale training.

Correct procedures

Tracheotomy VR training teaches the correct procedures for treating a tracheotomy. The training focuses on applying those procedures in a safe and controlled environment with no potential harm for patients.



For each training, a complete performance analysis is stored in your database. Our online platform allows instructors to review the performance of each trainee.

Trainees who require additional training can be taken separately while others who master the procedure can continue working. And as proven many times before: practice makes perfect.

Higher retention

The challenge is to improve the educational value of the training whilst reducing the time required to learn. Thanks to the immersive nature of Virtual Reality training, people remember what they learned and can apply it with fewer mistakes afterward. Studies have shown that people learn  3 times faster with 30% higher retention rate. (PwC study)

How we work OneBonsai
Oculus Quest 2

Easy to use
Quick to scale
One mobile headset

Our training runs on the latest VR hardware. Using the Oculus Quest 2, the training is completely wireless and can be set up in minutes. Any meeting room can suddenly become a training room.

Scale your training operations with easy to deploy mobile VR headsets and flexible license packages.

Train anywhere,
at any time

The only requirement for VR training is a surface of 2×2 metres. Any indoor area with sufficient space can be used as a training room. This allows you to increase your training capacity whilst reducing the costs.

OneBonsai vr training illustration

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