Design Sprint workshop

A quick collaborative process that solves problems and will enable
your business to innovate with a user centered approach.

What is a Design Sprint ?

A Design Sprint is a 3 days process of solving problems through designing, prototyping and testing ideas. It quickly aligns teams under a shared vision with clearly defined goals and deliverable.
VR Design Sprint OneBonsai

Design Sprint Methodology

The Design Sprint follows four phases : Understand, Define, Prototyping and Validate.


In this phase, we gather information from the participants at the table, as well as relevant experts in the field. We define and articulate the challenges from a business,
user, competitor and technological point of view.


After choosing a specific focus as well as goals, success metrics and KPIs, the team generates and shares ideas. Using this input, a project concept is defined.


OneBonsai will work off-line to analyse and digest all the gathered information. The ideas will be turned into a storyboard outlining the main project deliverables.


OneBonsai will deliver a clear report defining the scope of the project, a storyboard, important KPIs and metrics, relevant industry insights and an initial high level budget.

Fast Process

The Design Sprint typically lasts 1 day together with the client, with 2 or 3 days of work for us to come up with a proposal.


After a Design Sprint, you can decide to continue the project with OneBonsai. We
can then move to a Proof of Concept, a Pilot or if sufficient information is available we can start working on a final product.


A cross-functional collaboration that solves problems.


Providing a clear scope and budget for approval.