Digital Twins for companies

Advance, facilitate and Optimize Development & research with operational Digital Twins within your company

Why use Digital Twins ?


  • Create a digital twin to simplify planning and (pre)production. Use it to test and improve your product or processes in a virtual space.
  • Eliminate the guesswork, have a virtual visit, and figure out the best way to build something before implementing it.
  • Digital twins, allow you to try different approaches quickly and find what works best. All this in less time and at a lower cost


  • Craft a virtual counterpart for your product, manufacturing line, or process workflow. This enables you to simulate, evaluate, and enhance system efficiency within a controlled digital space before applying it to the real-life counterpart.
  • Utilize a digital twin to discover the optimal configuration for any process, whether it’s streamlining factory operations or perfecting a product’s design


  • Create immersive training modules, empowering teams to master operational intricacies in a risk-free, virtualized environment.
  • Combine Digital Twins and VR to provide an interactive learning experience, elevating the proficiency of personnel with practical, hands-on simulation.
  • Refine skills and optimize workflows, ensuring a seamless transition from virtual to actual execution.

Monitoring and maintenance

  • With operational digital twins, you can monitor the real-life counterpart, see and anticipate where there are deficiencies. This combined with A.I. helps us to predict when these maintenance cycles should best be implemented.

  • Predict maintenance using twins, to maximize efficiency. Calculate RUL (Remaining Useful Life) of certain components and when to replace those components.

A.I. combined with Digital Twins

  • Boost the utility of a digital twin by providing smart data analysis, predicting maintenance needs, optimizing operations and enabling the twin to make automated decisions.
  • Improve interaction, allowing the twin to act on inputs from human operators and to test different scenarios to predict outcomes. Essentially A.I. turns a digital twin into a dynamic and proactive tool. 

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