VR Safety Days

What to expect?

Immersive educational experiences for companies

  • Safety workshops on premises
  • Fun, innovative and educational experience.
  • Certification possible: can be provided by our partner Securitas

The outcome

  1. Enhanced knowledge and practical skills for correct safety handling. 

  2. Uniform safety competence, eliminating weak links in the organization.

  3. Data-driven insights from the Instructor Platform for effective training evaluation.

  4. Verified proof of participation and completion by OneBonsai.

  5. Optional additional certifications from partner Securitas.
certificate-Pierre De Keyzer
"With VR we no longer need to start real fires, the possibilities are much more extensive and we can train more people with fewer resources."
C. Van Eesbeek
Manager Fire & Safety at Securitas Belgium

Used by more than 80.000 people worldwide in many sectors

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