VR is a Force Multiplier

The incursion of the Russian forces in Ukraine has significantly shifted the strategic structure in Europe and beyond. Defense has become more central to the political landscape, and public opinion has become more favorable to the extension of investment in the military.


Historic Military Personnel Shortage in Developed Nations

However, most developed nations – especially in Europe – have for a long time reduced spending on military equipment and personnel. This has led to a large decline in military personnel numbers and a significant reduction in overall capacity. It is expected that in the coming decade this historic lack of personnel is going to be adjusted, with a large influx of new personnel.

This poses several significant challenges to the military establishment. The training of recruits is intensive and takes a lot of time and resources. Experienced personnel often is not available or has retired. New technologies, changing strategies, new equipment, and streamlined NATO procedures need to be taught to the recruits and more experienced personnel.

Triple Helix Approach

Many military agencies are now shifting to include more digital solutions to help alleviate the challenge to train their personnel. This can include more legacy digital solutions such as e-learning tools, but also more and more includes advanced techniques such as Virtual and Augmented Reality.

OneBonsai is uniquely placed to help defense partners take up this challenge. Our advanced XR learning system allows


OneBonsai can provide directly available modules that contain common military-wide training sessions. Alternatively, we can also build custom solutions that are tailor-made to match your specific needs.

VR Training

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