ION VR Hockey Plank Experience

VR Hockey plank experience

We build this project for Wave Agency, a Sports & Music marketing Agency. The end client was ION, a real estate developer.

The experience consisted of plank experience (from the popular game Richie’s Plank) and a hockey game.

The environment were the beautiful buildings of the Waterfront site in Waregem. 

The idea of the experience was to offer a view from above the building to create some brand awareness for the real estate developer.

Of course the hockey game was coupled to a price: every day during the ION Hockey League 2023, the participant could win a Hockey goal. 

An immersive Virtual Reality brand awareness experience

Create brand awareness

ION wanted the participants to experience their new building site: Waterfront in Waregem. We gave the people a WOW experience on top of a 12 floor building. 

Have Fun

Over the complete event over 3.000 games were played! The players included very young kids to fathers who wanted to win the goal for their own kids. 


Virtual Reality is a super cool technology to use for events. It always attracts people!

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