Baby Safety VR Experience

Crédit Agricole – Baby Safety VR

This development for Crédit Agricole, the insurance company in France, was focused on sensitization around hidden dangers in a living area for small children. The experience showed the world through the eyes of the kids, visualizing their imaginations. The experience was optimized for mobile viewing on an Oculus Go. We worked closely together with 87 Seconds to bring to life this project.

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Using Virtual Reality enables Credit Agricole to:

Sensitize their clients

The insurance company wanted to have their young parents to understand the risks present at home for babies. We achieved this by having the parents see the environment through the babies eyes.


Experiencing a danger in VR will engrain in your memory. Our experience is sure to have helped parents mitigate hidden dangers at their homes.


We distributed the experience of special built VR headsets so Credit Agricole could showcase it to their clients across 200 locations spread around France.


We provided a unique product, built with care and attention to detail, while using the latest (at that time) technology available.

We distributed 200 branded headsets across France with a custom built application.

VRBabyRisks - OneBonsai
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