VR Simulator for Crane Operators

Harbor Crane Simulator

This crane simulator allows to develop the necessary skills without having to operate a real crane. This can be very useful in high-cost cranes such as in the harbour, or above production lines. Every minute this crane is not put to good use has a huge cost. Training in VR also promises to significantly lower the risks of incidents.

For this project we developed a container ship unloading crane in a Virtual Reality environment but the environment can be catered to the experience of the operator and simulate various emergency and routine scenarios to optimally train the operator.

VR Simulator for Crane Operators

The use of Virtual Reality in this training has multiple effects:

Cost reduction

Avoid having to use a real crane for the entire duration of the training (significant cost reduction)

Increase speed

increase the speed of training a new operator on working with cranes

Virtual Trainer

No need to have an experienced operator backup the trainee in the Virtual Reality crane

Multiple scenarios

Allow for training of multiple scenarios (e.g. emergency scenarios, poten issue, etc.)

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VR Crane Simulator by night

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