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Virtual Reality Training Solutions

Together with VRTS, OneBonsai has developed VR solutions for security personnel to train on difficult situations.

Using our insights in VR technologies, OneBonsai prototyped both hardware as software to enable users to experience the best and most realistic VR experience firsthand.

Our product aims to train security professionals to cope with challenging situations.

Using our VR technology know-how, we built a tailor made product that enables users to train in the most realistic and performant VR environment available on the market. The product integrates virtual weapons such as Hand guns, shoulder weapons, tasers, flashlights and others to train in realistic VR scenarios.

For more details on this product, please refer to the external website:

Virtual Reality Training Solutions - VRTS

The VRTS system in a nutshell:

Cost effective

Avoid the need for ammunition, costly external trainings and logistic nightmares.


The training system will allow for objective measurement of the performance of the trainee.

Multiple scenarios

Train scenarios that are difficult or impossible to do in real-life in a safe environment.

Realistic weapons

Use multiple modified weapons that seamlessly integrate with the VR training module.

180 shooting range

Practice your shooting skills safely with a virtual 180 shooting range.

Practice targets

Use our proprietary VR targets to test your shooting effectiveness.


Train with your team in our multi-user environments.

More projects

We have implemented many successful projects for clients across industries.

Virtual Reality Training Solutions


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