The Office Of The Future

VR Office Configurator

To communicate and integrate this concept, HP asked XRintelligence in collaboration with OneBonsai to design a virtual desktop configurator. Using the REVERB reality headset from HP, the user can completely configure an office space with all the working features they want. Fast and intuitive, the user practices choosing walls and floors, selecting furniture and all other office supplies.

The Office of the Future is a new innovative Belgian concept intended to rethink the working environment of tomorrow. A modular place reflecting the digital transformation of businesses and adapted to the behavior of Millennials. In this time of digital transformation of economies, companies and Belgian organizations have no choice but to redefine their environment to adapt it to the reality off the work floor. It is in this context that the firm HP has developed “The Office of the Future “, a work environment with the aim on offering solutions to challenges that companies and employees frequently encounter at their place of work. 

Since the beginning of February, in collaboration with Studio Brussel and their program STUBRU@WORK, where every week a company in Flanders is transformed into a “radio studio”, HP brings this virtual experience to everyone!

OneBonsai - VR Office Configurator - square
OneBonsai - VR Office Configurator - Screenshot 2

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