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All the Features

Manage trainees and training devices from anywhere in the world using our VIP platform. Gain data-driven insights on your company’s training progress. With the Virtual Instructor Platform, all your VR training data is gathered in one place and easily accessible. Giving you the ability the see the overall safety score of your company/organization.

Realistic Scenarios

To improve immersion we recreate realistic scenarios that match with your industry. Making training more realistic and immersive. Resulting in a better experience for everyone. 

Training environments can be made using existing CAD files.







Train anywhere, at any time

The only requirement is a 4×4 metres surface to set up the training. Any indoor area with sufficient space can be used as a training room. This way you can increase your training session capacities. Making your company an overall safer place.

Mixed Reality Tools

  • Multiple languages

    We support over 35+ languages. With our automated text to speech AI software, you are ready to train employees across the world.

  • Autogenerated speech (TTS)

    With a click of a button, TTS can take words on a computer or other digital device and convert them into audio.

Guided training

Designed by humans for humans. Our training solutions are made with user experience as our main priority. We achieve this with highlighted indications, voice-over guidance and intuitive indications.

Precise Handgestures in Virtual Reality

Precise handgestures

Our system correctly places your virtual hands on the objects. Teaching more accurately as well as increasing the practicality of our training.

Interactive watch

Call your instructor if you need help.

You are able to restart your training at any time.

Oculus Quest 2

Easy to use
Quick to scale
One mobile headset

Our training runs on the latest VR hardware. Using the Oculus Quest 2, the training is completely wireless and can be set up in minutes. Any meeting room can suddenly become a training room.

If more employees need to be trained, another headset or license can be purchased and set up.

Personalized Avatars

Create your own avatar from a picture and start training as yourself in VR.

Not a must have, but a ‘very nice and fun’ to have.

We are also an Agency!

Looking for a custom feature?

Discuss your idea with our experts and let us help bring your VR project to life. Through agile development we can deliver quickly and within all budgets.

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