VR Evacuation Training

Our VR evacuation training provides immersive scenarios where personnel can learn how to evacuate a building correctly and how they should react in case of an emergency.


In Belgium every company is obligated to have a fire and evacuation drill once a year.

Having a well known evacuation plan is of the utmost importance to keep you and your employees safe.


has never practiced an evacuation at work. 12% don't know about an evacuation plan. 24% are sure there isn't one.


does not know where the first aid kit or fire extinguisher(30%) is


don't know who the first aiders are

*Survey November 2015 among 1000 respondents (500 Flemings and 500 Walloons) from different age categories, working at small, medium and large companies in Belgium.

Why VR Training?

Virtual Reality is an efficient medium for learning and development. It allows learners to visualize and interact with a virtual environment in real-time.

High Retention

VR is an efficient medium for learning, up to 30% higher retention.

Think Safety

You can simulate dangerous situations without any risks.

Improve Efficiency

Learn faster and more efficiently than with legacy training.

Cost Effective

No large investment will be needed to train your personnel.

Correct procedures

The VR evacuation training allows employees to be trained in a more effective way. The training focusses on teaching the different procedures to ensure that the employees will perform the correct actions when an emergency occurs.



A complete performance analysis of each trainee is stored on a database.

Our online platform allows instructors to review the performance of each trainee. Trainees who require additional training can be taken separately while others who master the procedure can continue working. And as proven many times before: practice makes perfect.

Higher retention

The challenge is to improve understanding of evacuation procedures whilst reducing the time required to learn. Thanks to the immersive nature of Virtual Reality training, people remember what they learned and can apply it with fewer mistakes afterward.

How we work OneBonsai

Environments that fit
with your industry



Our library of environments offers locations across different industries. Making it possible for your team to train in their day-to-day work environments.







Oculus Quest 2

Easy to use
Quick to scale
One mobile headset

Our training runs on the latest VR hardware. Using the Oculus Quest 2, the training is completely wireless and can be set up in minutes. Any meeting room can suddenly become a training room.

If more employees need to be trained, another headset or license can be purchased and set up.

Train anywhere,
at any time

The only requirement is a surface of 2×2 metres to set up the training. Any indoor area with sufficient space can be used as a training room. This way you can increase your training session capacities.

OneBonsai vr training illustration

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