Virtual Learning Will Keep Your Staff Safe

Fire emergency training is an important safety consideration in almost any work environment, from industrial facilities that handle flammable materials to the ordinary office. In the event of a fire, your organization needs people who have the knowledge and training to respond effectively and a level head to carry out the proper procedures calmly and […]

8 Tips To Create A Successful VR Learning Approach

More and more companies are turning to virtual and augmented reality learning to improve training results, increase safety and reduce training costs. VR technology brings many advantages to staff training. These 8 tips will guide you through creating and implementing a VR training strategy for your business: Create VR Training With A Clear Purpose In […]

Why VR Creates More Effective Security Training

Police, military forces and security teams have used computer simulations in training for decades. Virtual and augmented reality are the next major steps in the field of cutting-edge security training technology, and they are already in use by forces throughout the world. While not long ago VR technology was still bulky and cumbersome, modern wireless […]

How VR Is Changing Healthcare

How Virtual Reality Is Changing Healthcare The healthcare industry has used virtual images since the 1990s to help medical staff and patients. Modern medicine is increasingly using virtual reality to support training and patient care. As a result, virtual reality is enabling healthcare professionals to provide better care and patient experience:   Medical Training One […]

The Metaverse interpreted by OneBonsai

by Evarest Schoofs, Co-Founder of OneBonsai A few weeks ago, Facebook announced the creation of the parent company called Meta. With this, Facebook leadership wanted to highlight the refocus of their efforts from pure online social media to a more immersive strategy using the latest Virtual and Augmented technologies. Obviously, for a company like OneBonsai, […]

Virtual Learning is the Next Step for E-Learning

In recent years, the pandemic has led schools and colleges across the world, and businesses from many different industries to switch to e-learning. E-learning was on the rise for years before this, and it will be here to stay even after the current situation has passed. The numerous benefits of e-learning are too valuable to […]

How The Training Metaverse Will Change Employee Training

Virtual reality is rapidly becoming less costly and easier to use. As a result, its use across many sectors is booming, especially in training. Most recently, tech giants like Facebook are focusing on creating a VR metaverse. Additionally, companies like Accenture and Wallmart are purchasing headsets by the 10,000’s to efficiently train their personnel. This […]

Big Companies are Massively Investing in Virtual Reality

With global events over the last year speeding up existing trends towards remote working and virtual experiences, major tech companies are banking on virtual and augmented reality events, training and workspaces becoming major factors in the future of business. Accenture and Facebook have recently announced their plans to use virtual and augmented reality in the […]

How does virtual reality increase profit?

VR or virtual reality has been around since the 1980s. Put on a headset and you are projected into a digital world. Your eyes trick your brain into thinking you are present in that environment. Over the last decade, VR has been popularized through games and other VR experiences. Starting with not-so-great and nauseating rollercoaster […]

Our objectives for 2021

OneBonsai - Hololens 2

As for most companies, 2020 was a challenging year. However, despite this never-seen-before challenge, OneBonsai was able to close the year in the positive, after conducting significant investment. We closed our first round and are happy to see 4 of the experience investors join the company.