A Journey into the Heart of Innovation: NVIDIA HQ

OneBonsai was kindly invited by NVIDIA to visit their headquarters in Silicon Valley. This truely was an inspiring and eye-opening experience. NVIDIA, the biggest company, foundational to the tech industry with its advancements in AI, continues to shape the future. The exponential growth of startups utilizing NVIDIA’s services is a testament to its impact. As a proud member of the Inception Program, we receive access to the latest software and hardware tools, as well as top-tier support from their engineers, enabling us to stay at the forefront of innovation. Recently, we invested in the latest generation of GPU servers, fuelling our research into groundbreaking innovations. Let’s dive in the highlights of the visit.

The Power of NVIDIA’s Latest Chipsets

Various Chipsets and Systems of NVIDIA

One of the highlights of our visit was exploring NVIDIA’s latest chipsets, which are driving a new era of computing power and efficiency. The recently unveiled NVIDIA Blackwell G200 GPU stands out with its impressive performance capabilities designed for AI workloads, enabling faster and more efficient data processing. Being able to see these chips up close and hold them truly was awe-inspiring! These advanced chipsets are engineered to support the most demanding computational tasks, from deep learning to high-performance computing (HPC). By integrating these powerful chipsets into our infrastructure, we can significantly enhance our computational power, allowing us to push the boundaries of innovation further than ever before.

NVIDIA is soon releasing a range of new innovations to the market, which will surely further disrupt an already disrupted market. By being the foundation of so many IT solutions, NVIDIA has made itself indispensable in the market.

Jenssen holding the Blackwell G200 GPU Chipset

Investing in our own AI Compute & Simulation Cluster

OneBonsai has also heavily invested in the newest technology. In partnership with HP and Dustin, we have installed a GPU server, capable of handling the largest loads in both Simulation and (Generative) AI capabilities.

With over 3TFLOPS Tensor capability, 400TFLOPS RT Core Performance, 128vCPU, and 800GB RAM, this server can handle the toughest simulations and ML problems we can throw at it.

Our new GPU Server

This server will be paramount in providing us the firepower to help our clients leverage the NVIDIA Omniverse, provide the backbone to our Digital Patient Platform both on the AI and remote rendering front, and allow us to research the capabilities of on-prem edge computing at our strategic clients.

NVIDIA Omniverse: A Revolutionary Platform

During our visit, we delved into the capabilities of NVIDIA Omniverse, a platform with the potential to become a cornerstone in numerous industry processes. Omniverse’s versatility allows it to simulate a variety of activities. The possibilities of this technology are truly boundless, promising to revolutionize various sectors. We discussed with NVIDIA experts the possible applications for our clients, and were showcased current state-of-the-art solutions already built on top of Omniverse. Using our recently acquired HP GPU Cluster, OneBonsai is able to provide many of the solutions Omniverse is capable of. We look forward to working with our clients to bring these to life!

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Applications in the Omniverse that we discussed were:

Large-scale training of robots in a virtual environment

We can train robots in virtual environments at a large scale. This allows for safe, efficient, and cost-effective development of robotic behaviors and capabilities without the need for physical prototypes.

Virtual avatar facial and emotional simulation

NVIDIA’s advanced graphics and AI technologies enable the creation of virtual avatars with highly realistic facial expressions and emotional responses. This can be used in applications ranging from gaming and virtual reality to customer service and virtual meetings, enhancing user interaction and experience.

Life segmentation of traffic information

Leveraging NVIDIA’s AI capabilities, we can perform real-time segmentation of traffic information. This involves analyzing live traffic feeds to identify and categorize different elements such as vehicles, pedestrians, and road conditions, improving traffic management and safety.

Generation of 3D models or change environment based on prompts

Using NVIDIA’s advanced graphics and AI, we can generate detailed 3D models from simple textual prompts. This technology can revolutionize industries like gaming, architecture, and product design by streamlining the creation of complex 3D visuals.

Recreation of car accidents for insurance analysis

NVIDIA’s simulation tools allow for the accurate recreation of car accidents, providing valuable insights for insurance analysis. These simulations can help determine the causes of accidents, assess damage, and improve overall road safety by understanding collision dynamics.

Simulation of logistical processes using digital twins

We can simulate logistical processes to optimize supply chain operations. By creating virtual replicas of physical systems, companies can test and improve their logistics strategies, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Optimization of industrial processes through large scale simulation

NVIDIA’s powerful computational tools enable large-scale simulation of industrial processes, allowing companies to optimize production, reduce waste, and improve overall efficiency. These simulations can model complex interactions and provide actionable insights for process improvement.

Simulation of global weather patterns to predict future weather events

NVIDIA’s advanced computing capabilities allow for the simulation of global weather patterns, helping scientists predict future weather events with greater accuracy. These simulations can improve weather forecasting, disaster preparedness, and climate research, contributing to better environmental management.

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Integrating Upcoming Innovations

Our discussions at NVIDIA HQ were not just about the present but also focused on the future. We explored upcoming innovations that we aim to integrate into our offerings as well as their future roadmap. By being member of the Inception Program, we are positioned to provide more valuable solutions to our clients, leveraging a powerful technology stack. This collaboration enhances our ability to deliver cutting-edge services and stay ahead in the competitive tech landscape.

The Community and Startup Ecosystem

NVIDIA’s commitment to the community is evident through its significant investments in the startup ecosystem via the Inception Program. This dedication was vividly demonstrated during our visit to the Cerebral Valley in San Francisco, where IDEO, a partner accelerator of NVIDIA, organized a pitching event. The Cerebral Valley is the centre of the AI activities in Silicon Valley, and is located in the middle of San Francisco. The vibrant activities there show that San Francisco still is on top of its game in terms of innovation, high-tech and attraction of talent. This event provided invaluable insights into the myriad opportunities still thriving in San Francisco.

OneBonsai is a proud partner in the Inception Program

Visit Cerebral Valley

To top off the visit at NVIDIA, our guide got us a ticket to the pitching event at IDEO in San Francisco. It was such a pleasure to attend an event where innovation and ambition coincided! Some truly great pitches were given. At the networking, we were able to meet investors, founders, and enthusiasts all alike. This event showed us that in-person networking is alive and kicking in Silicon Valley, and should not so easily be disregarded.

Pitching session at IDEO

Looking Forward

We are excited to be part of this wave of disruptive innovation. Our partnership with NVIDIA not only strengthens our technological capabilities but also empowers us to deliver exceptional solutions. We eagerly look forward to showcasing our upcoming innovations using their technologies, driving progress and making a significant impact in the tech industry.