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VR Fire Training

Our VR Fire Training provides multiple scenarios where personnel can learn how to use a fire extinguisher and how they should react to different types of fire.

About this training

Realistic Scenarios

Our training allows your personnel to train in realistic scenarios. For example, fire will generate smoke that will lower visibility and restrict all fire-extinguishing activities. Depending on how trainees react, different scenarios will unfold.

Correct Procedures

Our training teaches your trainees how to handle a fire extinguisher with the PASS procedure and how they should react to fire with the 3 A procedure:


PASS: Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep

AAA: Activate alarm, Assist, Attempt

Lifelike Environments

Instead of listening to how you should put out a fire, our training will have your team actually put out a fire correctly, in an environment that’s similar to their day-to-day work environment.


Our library of different environments includes locations from different industries. Your team will be able to train in an environment they’ll recognize.


Automated independent training

Our fire training autonomously guides your trainees through the training. This reduces the need for an external instructor during the actual training. With the help of fire safety experts, OneBonsai has incorporated all the required knowledge to make sure your trainees know how to extinguish a fire correctly.

Sector based environments

Choose the environment that best fits your industry.

OneBonsai - Fire Training - Warehouse environment


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