We make Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality products that solve business challenges.

Projects we worked on

Brussels VR App

A Virtual Reality companion application for Brussels city to showcase interesting locations at the MAPIC international retail property market trade show. Possible investors are invited to select a region to visit in an immersive VR application. A 360 video, created in cooperation with Poolpio, of each location will show real-life footage […]

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Augmented Reality app for operators

OneBonsai built a prototype application which makes smart use of Artificial Intelligence (Deep Learning) and Augmented Reality to help operators at ArcelorMittal improve their decision making. The prototype was able to reduce incorrect decisions with 40%.

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Brussels Tactile Experience

A tactile experience custom made for the city of Brussels. This tactile experience showcases interesting locations at the MAPIC international retail property market trade show. Possible investors are invited to select a region to visit in an immersive WebVR application. A 360 video of each location shows real-life footage captured by […]

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Cleanroom Visualization

Together with Ouat! we created a high-fidelity visualization of a clean room which included a collection of equipment of Pall Corporation. These devices were shown in high resolution and rendered to be used as a showcase on a trade show in New York. We succeeded in turning over this project […]

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Supermarket Visualization

Delhaize asked OneBonsai to create a VR experience in which they would show shop owners the concept design of the new supermarkets. An extreme short turnover time of just 2 weeks combined with multiple technical challenges were met by OneBonsai resulting in a successful showcase at their flagship event.

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Virtual Reality Training Simulations

Together with Virtual Reality Training Simulations (VRTS), OneBonsai has developed systems to enable security personnel to train in Virtual Reality. This enables the trainer to better follow up on the performance of his trainees, help reduce the risk involved in these trainings and improve the number of different scenarios that […]

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Some of our clients

delhaize Virtual Reality client - logo
Barco - OneBonsai Virtual Reality client - 2
arcelormittal Augmented Reality operator assistant
logo VR Training Solutions - OneBonsai - Virtual Reality Training Solutions
euronews Virtual Reality event and reportage with OneBonsai
atrium-brussels Virtual Reality Visit by OneBonsai
rtl-tvi Virtual Reality reportage by OneBonsai
audaxis website by OneBonsai
hvv Virtual Reality website by OneBonsai
belgium-military Virtual Reality training solutions with OneBonsai

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Our partners

epic-unreal-engine Virtual Reality development for OneBonsai
raven-zaventem Partner for Virtual Reality hardware of OneBonsai
Bright Wolves - Virtual Reality solutions with OneBonsai 2
poolpio - 360 Virtual Reality videos with OneBonsai
screen-brussels - Virtual Reality OneBonsai
Software brussels - Virtual Reality from OneBonsai
livescope - Virtual Reality events with OneBonsai
lifetech-brussels - Virtual Reality for healthcare by OneBonsai

About us

We are OneBonsai, a company that designs and builds Virtual and Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence solutions for enterprises. We believe that the 4th industrial revolution is now getting full steam and companies will have to turn to new technologies to get ahead of the competition.

OneBonsai will help your company with an interdisciplinary approach which includes solutions that take the best out of AR, VR, AI and Web technologies.

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