Experts in Virtual Reality training since 2016

Reduce training time by 60% with improved retention!

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VR training

Experts in Virtual Reality training since 2016

Reduce training time by 60% with improved retention!

What we offer

Immersive solutions to help innovate & improve your business​

We create business solutions to improve health & safety, lower cost and increase revenue for companies. We believe that if a challenge is complex, expensive or dangerous, VR can offer a feasible and cost-effective solution.

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Training in VR

Off-the-shelf VR solutions to help train your personnel effectively and safely within your budget.

Train Safely

Our solutions allow you to train your personnel on situations that are otherwise too expensive or unsafe to properly train,


We build training solutions that allow personnel to train with little to no oversight. The instructor can retrieve reports after each training.

Train remotely

Train in a location of choice, safely keeping social distancing rules in mind. All results are sent to the cloud for further analysis.

On Demand

No need to invest in costly custom VR projects. Use our off-the-shelf solutions to train your personnel today!

Custom projects

Your field expertise and the knowledge we have are the perfect match for innovative and creative solutions to your company challenges.


If you require a solution specific to your needs, we can build a VR project from scratch, using our state-of-the-art technologies.


Our solutions are built with scalability in mind. We ensure that your project can be put into practice everywhere.

Powerful framework

We provide a quicker deployment due to our powerful backend, which includes reporting, analytics, multi-user and mobile VR technologies.

High Quality Design

We employ best practice design and UI techniques, along with thoughtful educational design principles to ensure an optimal experience.

Our Clients

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Now is the time to innovate.

We have the expertise to design, build, and implement the XR solutions that you need to innovate with emerging technology. Let’s talk!