The ROI of VR (with 5 examples)

The ROI of VR (with 5 examples) - OneBonsai - Blog

Here are five examples of companies using VR who have seen significant ROI. You might well ask “how much is not using VR costing me?”

Why VR Needs Better Audio

Why VR Needs Better Audio - OneBonsai - Blog

George Lucas said “sound is half the experience in seeing a film.” And who would deny the importance of sound after hearing the music in Star Wars.

How VR Achieves Presence

How VR Achieves Presence - OneBonsai - Blog

VR relies on immersion, but not quite the same type of immersion as you’re used to. VR is at its best when it transports the user to a non-physical world.

A Brief History of Virtual Reality


Virtual reality is another medium to tell a story, and it’s well on its way to becoming the most immersive medium we’ve ever created.