VR training in 2021: What will we expect?

The cost reduction and efficiency of using the technology is evident, with many companies across healthcare, safety, and others using it for the safety of their employees and the benefit of their finances. VR training in 2021 will likely remain strong, continuing the trends of 2020 as more and more companies adopt the approach for their own workforce.

New technologies that improve VR

New technologies that improve VR

This article will explore some of the most exciting and innovative technologies that are improving VR today. From hand tracking to mixed reality (MR) tools, these are the add-on additions that elevate immersive experiences to a new realm of realism.

How Does Voice Technology Work?

How Does Voice Technology Work? - OneBonsai - Blog

Voice technology has improved significantly. Algorithms are now capable of understanding and mimicking the human voice. Here’s how voice tech works.