Why VR is increasingly boosting Corporation’s Competitive Advantage

There is an old saying we all know. “TIME IS MONEY”. It reflects on the importance of the amount of time we have to spend and its relationship to money Virtual Reality (VR) technology has emerged as a game-changer for corporations seeking to gain a competitive edge and benefit of saving both Time and Money. […]

Essential Remote Work Software

Essential Remote Work Software - OneBonsai - Blog

This article is an overview of the software that is essential for remote work, with links to helpful guides for setting up each separate piece of software.

VR to Train Your Employees

VR to Train Your Employees - OneBonsai - Blog

Why should you use VR to train your employees? We focus on a few scientific studies that explain why VR seems to be a great way to train employees.

Our Goals For 2020

Our Goals For 2020 - OneBonsai - Blog

Ever since our humble beginnings in 2016, OneBonsai has been laser-focused on making companies more competitive through exciting, new technologies.

Training AI in a Virtual Environment

Training AI in a Virtual Environment - OneBonsai - Blog

It’s one thing to train AI using simulations of computer games, it’s another thing entirely to train AI so it can operate in the real world.

VR: Is Learning Supposed To Be This Easy?

VR: Is Learning Supposed To Be This Easy? - OneBonsai - Blog

Let’s explore one of the best use cases for VR in the business world: training and education. But in order to do so, first we must understand something called “the Cone of Experience.”