Why VR is increasingly boosting Corporation’s Competitive Advantage

There is an old saying we all know. “TIME IS MONEY”. It reflects on the importance of the amount of time we have to spend and its relationship to money Virtual Reality (VR) technology has emerged as a game-changer for corporations seeking to gain a competitive edge and benefit of saving both Time and Money. […]

How does virtual reality increase profit?

VR or virtual reality has been around since the 1980s. Put on a headset and you are projected into a digital world. Your eyes trick your brain into thinking you are present in that environment. Over the last decade, VR has been popularized through games and other VR experiences. Starting with not-so-great and nauseating rollercoaster […]

VR training in 2021: What will we expect?

The cost reduction and efficiency of using the technology is evident, with many companies across healthcare, safety, and others using it for the safety of their employees and the benefit of their finances. VR training in 2021 will likely remain strong, continuing the trends of 2020 as more and more companies adopt the approach for their own workforce.

New technologies that improve VR

New technologies that improve VR

This article will explore some of the most exciting and innovative technologies that are improving VR today. From hand tracking to mixed reality (MR) tools, these are the add-on additions that elevate immersive experiences to a new realm of realism.

VR to Train Your Employees

VR to Train Your Employees - OneBonsai - Blog

Why should you use VR to train your employees? We focus on a few scientific studies that explain why VR seems to be a great way to train employees.