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Our objectives for 2021

As for most companies, 2020 was a challenging year. However, despite this never-seen-before challenge, OneBonsai was able to close the year in the positive, after conducting significant investment. We closed our first round and are happy to see 4 of the experience investors join the company. Our innovative solutions helped Fortune 100 clients, clients in Defense, Police and we assisted in training personnel in medical fields. Our objectives are to grow even further whilst offering solutions in a multitude of industries.


Also, as a company, we matured significantly. We grew from a team of 2 to more than 8 FTE, not counting our outside partners. The team enthusiastically and passionately drives innovation and provides solutions to the most pressing challenges our company faces today. We set up partnerships with various schools, corporations, and institutions. And while we keep a laser focus on the present, we also heavily invest in R&D to ensure we remain relevant in this fast-changing environment.


OneBonsai Remote Meeting


The start of 2021 still was a bit overshadowed by the pandemic. However, OneBonsai more and more is experiencing the opportunity this system-wide shock is bringing. Our VR solutions are hugely important for clients who desperately need to train their personnel, transfer knowledge, and work together remotely.

This year also brings along a significant change in focus for our scale-up. Before, we focused on building custom solutions for large corporations. While still a very important piece of our business, we now turn part of our attention on bringing to life off-the-shelf solutions.

With the launch of our autonomous Fire-training ( we will improve safety and drive down training costs for our clients. Our COVID-proof training provides an effective alternative to traditional fire training. Indeed, the training can be done remotely, at home.


BanVlaanderen visits OneBonsai


Our objective is to democratize VR training. Our solutions are available for a much-reduced cost, and available worldwide. An Online Platform allows training coaches to follow up on the training results and dramatically cuts down on logistics and training time for them. More and more studies show the large impact VR training has on performance and costs. We saw this with our clients as well.  Now it’s up to the world to see the results.

2021 will be an important year for OneBonsai. This year, we will show traction in the market for our solutions. We will build multiple training modules, and will drive sales in Belgium, but also in the rest of Europe.


We will grow the team further and invest heavily in our team members. Our company will experience growing pains, but we are confident we will be able to get through them! We build new partnerships, collaborations and provide tangible results to our clients. Our main focus will be on healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, and security sectors.

This year will be foundational. But with our team, we are happy to take on this challenge and make it a resounding success. Virtual Reality is not a gimmick (anymore), and has matured to the stage where it can take its rightful place in the toolbox of many companies!


If you are interested in implementing VR at your company, do not hesitate to contact us for a discussion.