Microsoft Hololens

At OneBonsai you will be able to rent Hololens cheaply without having to invest in the hardware for your upcoming project. You will not have to worry about the maintenance of the device as it will be done by us! Our kits include the headset and if required a VR-ready computer.

The Hololens is one of the best Augmented Reality devices available nowadays on the market. It allows you to view objects superimposed on top of real objects. Engineering, healthcare and manufacturing all can benefit from having direct access to additional layers of information, linked to the reality surrounding them.


Amazing graphics

The Hololens features the best resolution currently available on the market. Its powerful processor can handle complex objects.

Excellent tracking

You will be amazed by the excellent tracking. This will allow you to place virtual objects anywhere in the real environment.

Freedom of movement

Using the inside-out tracking, you can move anywhere and see Augmented Reality around you.


Use the powerful Microsoft integration tools and environments to full incorporate the Hololens in your processes.

Specifications Hololens

The Hololens is a big leap in the Virtual and Augmented Reality space. This device is capable of showing 3D object superimposed on the real environment around you. Using its excellent inside-out tracking, the Hololens will continuously scan your surroundings and interpret the environment. This way, it is able to place virtual objects on top of tables or the floor and seamlessly integrate them in the environment.

The Hololens features a custom Microsoft Holographic Processing Unit, based on an Intel chipset. It has 2GB ram and 64 GB storage. It has 2 HD displays with automatic pupillary distance calibration and 2.3M light points. It includes Wifi and Blutooth for communications along with a 2MP camera and HD video.


Remote experts

Collaborate remotely with heads-up, hands-free video calling, video sharing and mixed reality annotations to pinpoint and solve problems efficiently.

Design & Place

Directly place the objects you design or work on in the place where they will be placed. Perform design reviews or use BIM models to visualize building information.

Visualize your Ideas

Visualize what you are working on directly in 3D and full scale. Explore together with your colleagues your designs.

Exploration & Ideation

Explore ideas together with your colleagues and generate new ideas through holographic displays.

How does the rental work ?

1. Rental request

We receive a rental request from you. This request includes which devices you need, the amount, duration and location.

2. Custom quote

We generate a custom quote for your event.

3. Quote approval

You approve the quote. From now on, you can be sure to get your devices in time at your location!

4. Delivery

We deliver through a trusted delivery service at your location. You can now use them at your event.

5. Return

You can return the devices using our delivery service, or you can deposit them at our office.

6. Invoice

After we have checked the devices, you will receive an invoice with all included.


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