Oculus Go

Renting a VR headset is often a good first step before taking the plunge and making an investment. We offer rental services which means you can enjoy the fun without a steep investment and having to worry about the maintenance of the device.

The Oculus Go is currently the best mobile Virtual Reality headset available. It can be used at your events, tradeshow booths or parties to share rich VR experiences with your audience.

The headset makes it easy to view 360 videos, play VR games and view movies all from a single headset: no external wires, computers or trackers required! The Oculus Go also includes built-in 3D headphones and has an excellent resolution. Its batteries can last for hours.


Amazing graphics

Even as an entirely mobile device the resolution is fantastic and creates rich graphics that transform reality.

Excellent tracking

An excellent built-in tracking allows for a comfortable viewing experience, even in full 360 and 3D.

No extra wires

The Oculus Go is wireless doesn’t requires an external computer to work. This gives you total freedom to use it anywhere!


The headset is not too heavy and sits comfortably on the user’s head. It sports a beautiful, clean design as well!

Oculus Go Use-Cases

Some examples where you can use the Oculus Go:

  • Show a Virtual Reality tour of your facility
  • Show a VR rendering of a new building
  • Have your trade booth visitors play a VR experience
  • Show a 3D visualisation of products to clients
  • Show a 3D rendering of the building you will construct
  • Have your client do a virtual visit of your hotel

Many industries and services can make use of a VR device like the Oculus Go. Contact us to get inspired!


Specifications Oculus Go

The Oculus Go is a great piece of VR technology that allows users to watch Virtual Reality content on the go. Given that no external devices are required to run the Oculus Go (no smartphone or PC), it is a very portable VR solution.

The Oculus Go features a 5.5” 2560 x 1440 WQHD, fast-switch LCD display with a new set of optics providing what the company calls ‘our best lenses yet’. This helps to reduce the screen door effect and offers a higher resolution than the much more expensive Oculus Rift.

The built-in lithium ion battery should provide around two hours for videogames and up to 2.5 hours for streaming media and video. Other important additions also include built in spatial audio so that users won’t need an extra set of headphones to enjoy any of the VR experiences. With social VR also an important part of Facebook’s plans, Oculus Go has an integrated microphone so users can chat to friends and other players online.


How does the rental work ?

1. Rental request

We receive a rental request from you. This request includes which devices you need, the amount, duration and location.

2. Custom quote

We generate a custom quote for your event.

3. Quote approval

You approve the quote. From now on, you can be sure to get your devices in time at your location!

4. Delivery

We deliver through a trusted delivery service at your location. You can now use them at your event.

5. Return

You can return the devices using our delivery service, or you can deposit them at our office.

6. Invoice

After we have checked the devices, you will receive an invoice with all included.

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