OneBonsai is helping companies overcome some of the negative effects of the Corona Virus through the implementation of innovative VR training systems.


Let us help you overcome some of the negative effects of COVID-19.

Training of field personnel

Personnel has to be trained regularly. Social distancing rules however make some physical trainings impossible, as they require close contact. We think of Fire Training, Crane operator training, and many other trainings. OneBonsai offers various VR trainings that will enable you to keep effectively train your personnel, even if they cannot be trained in a classroom environment (anymore).

In Virtual Reality, trainers can create scenarios to:

Have students perform specific activities

Train to go through an entire procedure to repair a machine

Train emergency procedures in a Virtual Environment

Using 360 video, students can follow specific activities from a distance

Trainers are able to monitor progress of the trainee, track performance, change scenarios to better match their needs/skills and more.


Hygiene Training

Now that COVID-19 is fresh on everyone’s mind, one tends to keep in mind the hygienic basics. However, over time, these habits will wane resulting in an increase infection risk in your company. Regular re-training of key personnel will be required to mitigate this risk.

OneBonsai provides trainings specifically geared towards hygiene. We are working hard to expand on this offering and collaborate with health experts to include necessary tools and information in the trainings to help you mitigate the risks involved with infections at your company.

Restricted Travel

In many cases, Subject Matter Experts are only available in specific locations across the globe. COVID-19 has resulted in wide-spread shutdowns of borders, and has severely hampered business travel. As a result, companies are unable to get experts to the places where they are needed. Additionally, companies wonder if one should send an SME on a plane, risking infection and loosing a valuable team member.

OneBonsai offers various remote assistance and remote training solutions. These solutions enable a Subject Matter Expert to remotely engage with trainees, provide training in a Virtual Environment resembling the real location and provide valuable and interactive training to employees across the globe.


Knowledge Transfer

It is a sad fact that COVID-19 more heavily impacted the older population. It so happens that older employees often also possess the most knowledge about processes, procedures and activities at your company. Now more than ever, it’s important to capture this knowledge and distribute it across your company.

OneBonsai has a long experience in capturing knowledge in Virtual Environments, and creating engaging trainings from these procedures and processesContact us if you have questions on how to capture this knowledge and transfer it to a VR solution. Using our solutions, you will be able to easily distribute the knowledge to other employees and departments, without relying on individuals.

Training in VR

Off-the-shelf VR training allowing you to train your personnel efficiently, effectively and safely.


Take the step and innovate

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