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VR Double Block & Bleed Training

Training Description

Double Block & Bleed is an important industrial procedure to ensure operators and maintenance personnel can perform works in a safe way on machines during production or turnarounds. It is important to train this procedure properly so that operators are aware of the risks of improper execution. This helps the personnel to form the correct habits and implement them in the real world. Virtual Reality is the ideal companion to train this procedure.

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Training Details

Double Block & Bleed is one of the most important safety procedures in the industry. To ensure that no pressurized, toxic or hot medium can enter a machine that is under maintenance, an operator will close two valves leading to the machine. This will ensure that even if the first valve leaks, the medium cannot enter the machine. To ensure that in case of a leak, the medium can escape, a bleed valve will be opened between the two valves.

The proper implementation of this procedure prevents people from accidentally supplying energy to a machine while people are working on it. Incorrect execution of the Double Block & Bleed procedure is one of the main causes of injuries/deaths in the general industry.

Using Virtual Reality, OneBonsai built a Double Block & Bleed training in VR. This system is available on demand, which provides multiple specialized VR trainings to industry clients. This specific training allows:

Double Block & Bleed in VR

Train an operator with the complete Double Block & Bleed procedure in VR.

LOTO procedure in VR

Track performance of the operator during VR training.


Adjust to specific industrial requirements and environments.


Double Block & Bleed is one of the most important safety procedures in the industry.

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Real-time feedback

Provide employees with a review of their performance and inform them of their performance much more frequently and in smaller time increments.

Track performances

Our system can monitor all the performances of your employee's.

Training in VR

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