VR Fire Training PRO

VR Training System made to train professionals in industry-specific scenarios.

Made in collaboration with the Belgian Navy

About VR Fire Training Pro

VR Fire Training PRO is being used by professionals and armed forces around the world to prepare for events and train specific procedures.

With VR training your personnel is not exposed to any risk or danger.

Ensuring that your personnel is prepared in case of an emergency, VR Fire Training Pro guarantees a safe and effective training process.


Train countless procedures and scenarios with our instructor based fire training.

Real Hardware

Augmented AWG firehose that replaces controllers.

No injuries

Personnel is not exposed to toxic fumes or dangerous environments.

Practice procedures

The VR training allows staff to be trained in a more effective way. Overviewed by an instructor, the training can be focussed on specific techniques.

All virtual training sessions can be recorded and evaluated afterwards for a complete training.

Mixed Reality Fire Hose by OneBonsai

feedback tool

Training instructors have complete control over the training. This enables them to teach more efficiently and gives the possibility to provide precise feedback where needed. Overall giving a better trainee and trainer experience. 

Countless different training scenarios

With VR Fire training PRO every parameter is adjustable. The instructor has complete control over: the location of the fire(s), the size of the fire(s), the amount of smoke, etc…

Multi-trainee Training

Train with 2 staff members simultaneously. Standing shoulder to shoulder while training the same way as in real life.
Increasing the realism of the training experience even more for a lifelike experience.

High Realism VR in a Mobile Package

VR Fire Training Pro is PC VR

OneBonsai provides high-end PC’s in custom-build and durable Pelican Cases. Ensuring realistic graphics for an ever more immersive experience. The fact that the PC is in a rugged case makes VRFT Pro deployable almost anywhere.  

Train anywhere,
at any time

The only requirement is a surface of 8×8 metres to set up the training. Any indoor area with sufficient space can be used as a training environment. This way you can optimize your training duration and capacity.

Fight the Fire Without the Heat

Book a free pilot with our virtual reality (VR) fire training programs and experience for yourself.

Join us at our office or have a demo kit shipped to you at no cost. Questions? Request a call with us to learn more.