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Manufacturing has a clear need for the solutions that Virtual and Augmented Reality can offer. OneBonsai will guide you as a company to implement these emerging technologies into your processes, so that you can drive down costs, improve operator safety and increase training.
Virtual Reality Solutions for Manufacturing - OneBonsai

Virtual Reality for Manufacturing can be used for:

Training of field personnel

Training in Virtual Reality increases retention and understanding (read here why Virtual Reality is a superb tool for training), while offering much more possibilities to the trainer to create realistic training scenarios.

In Virtual Reality, trainers can create scenarios to:

Have students perform specific activities

Train to go through an entire procedure to repair a machine

Train emergency procedures in a Virtual Environment

Using 360 video, students can follow specific activities from a distance

Trainers are able to monitor progress of the trainee, track performance, change scenarios to better match their needs/skills and more.


Safety Training

Safety of personnel and surrounding communities is the top priority of any manufacturing entity. Lowering TRIR and reducing Near Misses is a continuous effort of any production manager, team leader or supervisor.

Using Virtual Reality, you can train your operators and maintenance crew in a safe environment and instill the correct behavior and habits.

Amongst others activities, VR can be used to:

Lock out Tag out (LOTO) activity training

Train your personnel to remember the correct actions to take to make a machine safe to work on. Have them regularly practice this activity in a safe and controlled environment.

Safe Confined Entry

The most deadly incidents happen in confined entry. Have your crew train these situations, what measurements need to be taken, which precautions taken, to minimize the risks in the field.

Working at Heights

Not being safely lined on can lead to deadly falls from heights. Experiencing heights in VR can help ingrain the correct behavior.

Wearing correct Safety Gear

Using VR, it is possible to put your personnel in different scenarios. They can then train themselves to wear the correct gear for each occasion.

Visualization of Grassroot Facilities

Using 3D renders or even Virtual Reality Visualizations, it is possible to create a better understanding of new to-be-constructed facilities. Using VR, one is able to:

Using Virtual Reality, one is able to:

Get a correct feel of the scale of the new facility

Do a remote Design Review with all parties together in VR

Check that there are no safety hazards (eg beams at head-height)

Ensure that the plot offers sufficient place for the new facility

Integrate BIM information to drill-down into the details of the facility

Show the new facility to stake holders (investors, higher management, …) to obtain their buy-in.

First Aid Emergency CPR on a Man who has Heart Attack or Shock , One Part of the Process Resuscitation

First aid training

Using Virtual Reality, it is possible to train correct first aid procedures. Currently, expensive dolls are being used to perform these exercises. While these dolls provide adequate feedback (eg breathing, pressure resistance, …), they are not realistic.

VR can be combined with a less expensive doll to provide a so called Mixed Reality solution (MR). VR  will add a layer of realism by showing a real 3D figure instead of a doll, which can be useful to acclimatise students to the emergency situation (blood, grave injuries, …). The inexpensive doll can still provide a minimum of feedback, resulting in a more realistic experience for the student.

Using VR, trainers are also able to check progress of the student, as the 3D environment will accurately track the actions of each student. Additionally, trainers are able to adjust the scenarios in which the students are put, to enhance the learning experience.

VR Remote Company Visits

Virtual Reality company visits are a great way to communicate your vision to the grand public, stakeholders or investors. Using 360 video, you are able to create a curated Virtual Reality video which will transport the viewer to your factory without him physically visiting it. You have total control over the contents of such visit, and are able to include any additional details (eg statistics, expert talks, …) you need to inform the viewer.

To summarize, 360 company visits provide:

A great way of having people visit your company without the logistical nightmare

fully controlled way to communicate your vision to the viewers

A manner to include a lot of information to show to the virtual visitors.


Disaster Managment

Virtual Reality has the ability to create virtual environments that show a wealth of information in an easy to understand layout.

An disaster recovery manager can use Virtual Reality to get an overview of the situation at hand. In a VR environment, the manager can be shown critical information streams such as a map indicating the position of all actors, important statistics, … At the same time, the virtual environment can show different live streams from various camera feeds.

Using this wealth of information, the disaster recovery manager will be able to better maintain overview, and seamless interact with the various actors in the field.

Visualization of Company Processes

It can be challenging to explain in plain English your company processes to an outsider. Virtual Reality or 3D visualizations can be a great help to communicate these principles.

A Virtual Reality explanatory video or 3D render can:

Show the different processes, how they work and how they interact. The video can show simplified animated schematics to illustrate the processes.

Include inset video with footage of the real factory.

Incorporate interviews with experts explaining the specific processes.

Can show key statistics, figures and graphs to provide more details.


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