Training in Virtual Reality

VR training is a simple solution for educating existing and new employees. Virtual Reality offers an effective and affordable way of training personnel.

The immersive aspect of VR is the foundation of learning the right procedures in a safe and controlled environment.

VR training

Why VR Training?

Virtual Reality is an efficient medium for learning and development. It allows learners to visualize and interact with a virtual environment in real-time.

High Retention

VR is an efficient medium for learning, up to 30% higher retention.

Think Safety

You can simulate dangerous situations without any risks.

Improve Efficiency

Learn faster and more efficiently than with legacy training.

Cost Effective

No large investment will be needed to train your personnel.

What we offer

Our goal is to make life easier for companies and how they train their employees. Our VR training simulations are a viable solution to educate personnel in a safe and cost-effective way. Dangerous scenarios can be simulated and used to teach employees how to interact in these situations. VR training is a very effective way to instruct the right procedures without putting your workforce at any risk.

VR Training Library

VR Fire training

VR Fire Training makes it possible to practice anywhere and anytime. Learn fire safety basics such as P.A.S.S. and A.A.A. in virtual reality. Extinguish different types of fire in various environments.

VR Tracheotomy

Teach healthcare personnel how to treat a tracheotomy in an immersive environment. Tracheotomy VR training increases training efficiency while reducing costs.

VR Evacuation

Our VR evacuation training provides immersive scenarios where personnel can learn how to evacuate a building and how they should react in case of an emergency.


Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) is an important industrial procedure to ensure operators and maintenance personnel can safely work on machines.

VR Working at heights

The training is aimed to help participants understand the hazard and risk working at height and how to prevent from falling accident.

VR Professional Firefighting

Minimizes fire damage by responding to alarms, driving and operating equipment, regulating water pressure, combating and extinguishing fires, and rescuing and reviving people.

Looking for a Virtual Reality training?

We already have many training modules available. Let us know what training you are looking for.

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